User Management

User Management


CMS Users are people who have been given accounts on the website to add and edit content or administer the site.

You must have Site Administrator rights to manage users. See Roles and Workflow for more information.

How To's

Add KU Users

  1. Navigate to People / Add CAS users
  2. Enter the CAS user names (the users KU Online ID). Multiple users can be added at one time by have one KU Online ID per row
  3. Select the users Role
  4. Select the Create new accounts button

Add Non-KU Users

  1. Navigate to People / Add User
  2. Enter the Username and Password
  3. Select the users Role
  4. Select the Create new accounts button

Cancel an Account

  1. Navigate to People
  2. Select the person you wish to delete
  3. From the Action drop-down menu select Cancel the selected users account(s)
  4. Select the Apply to selected items
  5. Select an option from the When cancelling these accounts list
  6. Select the Cancel accounts button