Step Nine: Site Reviews, Approval and Launch

Step Nine: Site Reviews, Approval and Launch

When planning your target date for site launch, be sure to factor in 30 days for your site to be reviewed after you submit the request form

Once your site is built, and your designated site reviewers and approvers have given their final approval, you are ready to request site approval.

Site Approval Requirements Checklist

When you request site approval - and before your site can "go-live" - you will need to confirm your site has met all applicable requirements on the CMS Site Approval Requirements Checklist. We strongly recommend you review those requirements before you begin building your site, so you can address those items as you go.

Allow Time for Review and Revision

In planning for your target go-live date, please allow for 30 days for your site to be reviewed after you submit the Site Approval and Launch Request Form. Be sure to build in enough time for necessary content revisions to take place prior to your request to meet your target site launch go-live date. 

Feedback and Necessary Changes

Once your request is submitted, your site will be reviewed. We will provide any feedback or necessary changes that will need to be addressed before the site can be launched. Again, please plan for the site review and launch process to take up to 30 days. 

Request Site Approval and Launch

Submit the Site Approval and Launch Request Form to request site approval and launch.

After Site Launch

See After Site Launch for some important things to know once your site goes live, including:

  • What happens to your Drupal 7 site?
  • How long before your new site's search results will be accurate?

What Happens to Your Old Site

Your Drupal 7 site will continue to be available for reference for some time after your site goes live. As part of the launch process for your new site, KU Web Services will reconfigure your Drupal 7 site so it cannot be found by end-users or indexed by search engines. Only site editors and administrators who are logged in will be able to view the contents of the site.

Site Migration Plan Checklist

We know that was a lot of information. But, we hope it gives you a place to begin as you create or refine a process that meets your KU CMS website project’s specific needs.

Here is a Site Migration Checklist for quick reference back to the topics you just read about in the nine-step Site Migration Plan.