KU CMS Sunflower can pull in syndicated event information from KU’s current calendar system called Localist. Localist events can be found/posted at KU Events Calendar.

  • KU CMS sites in Drupal 7 will continue to pull in syndicated event information from the 25Live system.
  • Drupal 7 sites are not configured to pull in information from Localist.
  • For units/departments that host multiple sites, it is likely there will be a time when your events will need to be posted to both systems to support both Drupal 7 and KU CMS Sunflower sites.

All Events Pages

In KU CMS Sunflower, you have two options for All Events pages:

  1. Create your own All Events page on your site using one of the available Events sections:
    1. Events 1 – Three-Column
    2. Events 2 – Three-Column w/Images
    3. Events 3 – Two-Column

This approach is best for sites with a limited number of events. For sites with long lists of upcoming events, we recommend option 2.

  1. Point any All Events links to your account page on (Localist):
    1. Go to the KU Events Calendar
    2. Select the ellipsis next to Filter Results below the hero image
    3. Select Departments
    4. Locate your department page
    5. Copy/paste the URL as needed

Add Event Information via Widgets

KU CMS Sunflower includes a number of sections that feature syndicated event information from Localist. To add event information to your site you will need to:

  1. Determine the section you wish to add
  2. Generate the correct widget embed code from Localist
  3. Copy/paste the embed code into a section or block (then add the block to a section)

Generate a Localist Widget Embed Code

  1. Go to the KU Events Calendar
  2. Scroll down to locate ellipses button to right of Filter Results button (View screenshot)
  3. In the Share Events section, select the Widget builder link in the second paragraph.

From the Build an Events Widget Page

  1. You must first determine what event section you wish to add. Then select the corresponding event widget option from the Template dropdown menu:
    1. Body 1 – Sidebar (3 events with images)
    2. Body 1 – Sidebar (3 events no images)
    3. Body 19 – News and Events
    4. Events 1 – Three-Column
    5. Events 2 – Three-Column w/Images
    6. Events 3 – Two-Column
    7. IMPORTANT – Do not use the "Default" widget
  2. Select Number of Results – You can change this number. But, keep in mind, KU CMS – Sunflower sections are configured to display a set number of event results. So long as you do not reduce the number of results below the set number of events, you cannot alter the number of events displayed on your KU CMS – Sunflower page here.
  3. Select the number of Days Ahead you want the event to display – Keep in mind, events will automatically drop off your widget based on the number you input.
  4. Select your Department from the dropdown menu
  5. Add any Additional Filters:
    1. Places
    2. Event Type
    3. Target Audience
    4. Topic/Interest
    5. NCAA Athletic
    6. Keywords and Tags
  6. Add any Additional Conditions:
    1. Only Show Featured
    2. Only Show Sponsored
    3. Include All Matching Instances
    4. Hide Past Events
    5. Content must match:
      1. At least one place, group, keyword or tag, and one filter item
      2. Any place, group, keyword, tag or filter item
      3. At least one place and group, and all keywords, tags and filter items
      4. Any place or group, and at least one keyword or tag, and one filter item
  7. Add filters for Excluded Content:
    1. Event Type
    2. Target Audience
    3. Topic/Interest
    4. NCAA Athletic
  8. Display Options - Leave as default
  9. Style - Leave as default
  10. Select Additional Display Conditions:
    1. Hide Descriptions
    2. Truncate Descriptions
    3. Render HTML in Descriptions
    4. Hide Event Images
    5. Hide Event Times
    6. Hide “View All Events” Link
    7. Open Links in New Window
  11. Make sure Include Styles is unchecked (these are Localist styles)
  12. Select Generate Embed Code
  13. Copy the Widget Embed Code

Create an Events Section or Block

Create an Events Section

The following widgets allow you to paste the embed code directly into the widget:

  • Body 19 – News and Events
  • Events 1 – Three-column
  • Events 2 – Three-column w/Images
  • Events 3 – Two-column

To add the embed code to a section:

  1. On your site, edit/create a section
  2. Paste the embed code into the Localist Code field
  3. Select any available configuration options (e.g., Featured articles only, All news articles, etc.)
  4. Save

Create an Events Block

The following widgets require you to first create a block and then add that block to the section:

  • Body 1 Sidebar (3 events with images)
  • Body 1 Sidebar (3 events no images)

To add the embed code to a block, you must first create the block:

  1. On your site, select Structure > Custom Block Layout
  2. Select Custom block library
  3. Select +Add custom block
  4. Select Sidebar Blocks for Body 1
  5. Enter a Block description
  6. From the Sidebar Item dropdown menu, select the corresponding option to the widget you selected:
    1. For widget: Body 1 Sidebar (3 events no images) = Select Events for Body 1
    2. For widget: Body 1 Sidebar (3 events w/Images) = Select Events w/Images for Body 1
  7. Provide Headline Text
  8. Paste the embed code in the Localist Code field
  9. Enter the All Events Link URL and link text
  10. Save
  11. You will be taken to the Configure block page
  12. Uncheck Display title
  13. From the Region field dropdown menu, select Block Staging Area (For blocks inserted into Body 1)
  14. Save

To Configure Blocks in General:

  1. On your site, select Structure > Block Layout
  2. Scroll to find your specific block from a specific region
  3. Select Configure
  4. Make updates
  5. Save