Creating Content

Creating Content Overview

In the KU CMS Sunflower content is created through the use of Sections, Content Types and Cloneable Templates. The options are far greater than the previous CMS. The KU CMS is quite easy to use and complexity has been reduced. There is little to no need to navigate HTML to create content.

The KU CMS - Sunflower pages are built using Sections, Content Types, and Cloneable Templates.


Think of a section like a layer of a cake. The layers or sections stack on top of each other to build the page.

Section categories:

Content Types

The KU CMS - Sunflower contains a number of content types. There are less content types than the previous CMS.

Content Types:

Cloneable Templates

Cloneable Templates provide blue prints or a starting place for building pages. Cloneable templates are populated with placeholder images and text that you will need to replace with actual content. They are easy to use.

Cloneable Templates: