News Template

News Template


The News template is a starting place or blueprint for building a news page for your site.

Unlike the other templates, the News template is built using the News Article content type. To allow for syndication, the News Article functions differently than other content types. See News for more information and instructions.

The News template is populated with placeholder images and text that you will need to replace with actual content.

Sections you don't wish to use can be deleted. The sections can also be reordered and duplicated.

How To Use the Template

  1. Go to Content/Add from Template in the admin menu
  2. Select the News template
  3. Select the View tab to see the placeholder view of the template
  4. Determine if you want to remove, duplicate or reorder any of the sections
  5. IMPORTANT: Select the Clone link to return to cloning the page
  6. Replace the Title of the clone
  7. Leave the Customized Headline field blank for now. The Customized Headline will eventually be used to change the headline on an article syndicated from another CMS website/KU News.
  8. Select yes or no for Featured News. Articles selected as Featured News will appear in sections that use Featured News as well as on the top section of your site’s default News page (/news).
  9. Select the Date the article was published
  10. Optional: Provide an Author
  11. Optional: Provide an External URL. Use this field if you wish to post an article from an external source in your News feed
  12. The Article field functions differently than other content types. IMPORTANT: See “How to Use – Article Field” on News for instructions.
  13. Provide a Thumbnail/Featured Image – This image will be used for both thumbnail images in sections and as the image in sections/views that display Featured News.
  14. Provide News article tags. Providing tags for news content will allow you to create custom views that filter by tags.
  15. Leave the Location field blank for now.This field will eventually be used exclusively for articles that are syndicated to/from KU News.
  16. Save as Published