File Browser

File Browser


The IMCE File Browser is used in the KU CMS - Sunflower is used to manage, upload and place images, PDFs and other documents.

By default, there are three folders: Documents, Files and Images. Additional folders can be created as needed.

How To

Access the IMCE File Browser

From Menu

  1. Hover over Content to reveal flyout menu
  2. Select IMCE File Browser from flyout menu

From Within a Section

  1. From an image upload field within a section, select the Open File Browser link above the image upload field.

Menu Options

The menu options available in the IMCE File Browser are different from the previous version. The menu options in the IMCE File Browser menu are:

  • Refresh
  • New Folder
  • Upload
  • Delete

Refresh a Selected Folder

  1. Select the Refresh icon

Create a New Folder

  1. Select the New folder icon
  2. Name the folder

Upload an Image, File or Document/PDF

  1. Select the folder you wish to use
  2. Select the upload icon
  3. Select Add file
  4. Navigate to the item on your computer

Delete an Image, File or Document/PDF:

  1. Navigation to and select what you wish to delete
  2. Select the Delete icon

Images Uploaded in Sections

Images uploaded through an Image field in Sections are stored in folders by year. Images uploaded via Sections are automatically cropped and sized by the Drupal Image Styles, so you will find multiple files per upload.

Inserting Images in Body Content

In KU CMS – Sunflower images are no longer inserted into body content via the WYSIWYG images button and the IMCE File Browser. See Body 1 – General Content for instructions on adding images via Image – Body 1.

Guidelines and Best Practices

  • See Documents for guidelines and best practices.
  • See Images for guidelines and best practices.