Profile Directories

KU CMS - Sunflower offers two options for person profile directories:

  • Default Searchable Directories
  • Body 13 - Profile Directories

Default Searchable Directories

KU CMS sites come with five default searchable directories:

  • All profiles – Located on your site at:
  • Faculty – Located on your site at:
  • Researcher – Located on your site at:
  • Staff – Located on your site at:
  • Students – Located on your site at:


  • Created automatically as Person Profiles are created
  • Created based on the “Profile Types” field in Person Profile
  • Allows users to search by:
    • Last name
    • Filter terms (set in Person Profile in “Filter terms” field)
  • Have URLs that are created automatically and cannot be changed. You can create redirects for alternate URLs. See URLs.
  • Because these pages are generated automatically, additional information cannot be added to these pages like a common webpage.

Body 13 – Profile Directories

  • Custom profile directories created manually via the Body 13 – Profile Directory section
  • Can include all profiles or be limited to specific profiles based on the “Filter terms” field in Person Profile
  • Simple lists without search features
  • Create alternate ordering using “Filter terms” in Person Profile
  • See Body 13 – Profile Directory for detailed information.