Publishing Pages

Publishing Pages

How To Save a Page

  1. Locate the Save as drop-down menu at the bottom of the page just above the Save button
  2. Select Draft or Published
  3. Select the Save button
  • NOTE: If you save the page as a Draft you have an option to Publish the page when viewing the draft.
  • NOTE: You have the option to enter a Revision log message which appears on the Revisions tab.

Status After Save

Once a page is Published you won't have to change the status when editing. It will remain Published.

Log/Revision Message

Anytime you save a page, you can enter a Log message to contextualize any changes. The log message appears on the Revisions list.

Page Admin Toolbar

Once you save a page the Page Admin Toolbar will appear above the content on the rendered page itself. The tabs in the toolbar are View, Edit, Delete, Revisions, and Clone:

  • Select the View tab to see the draft or published page.
  • Select the Edit tab to Edit the page.
  • Select Delete to remove the page.
  • Select the Revisions tab to return to a previous version of the page. Each time you save a page a revision is made.
  • Select the Clone tab to make a copy of the page.

Page Options in Top Right

When creating, editing or cloning a page the page options appear on the right portion of the screen. At the top is the Page Status, followed by the Page Author, a Revisions Log Message, Menu Settings, Meta Tags, Simple XML Sitemap, URL Alias, Authoring Information and Promotion Options.

How to Add a Page to the Site Menu

  1. Expand the Menu Settings
  2. Select Provide a Menu Link checkbox
  3. Make any Menu Link Title changes or not
  4. Select the Parent Item
  5. Set the Weight

NOTE: Weight determines the order of the menu. The weight can also be set in Structure/Menus by dragging the menu link title.

Revert to a Previous Version

  1. Select the Revisions tab
  2. Locate the version you with to revert to and select the Revert button
  3. Select either Revert or Cancel

NOTE: Once a page is reverted the Revert list contains the previous versions and you can return to a later version by selecting the Set as current revision button.

How to Clone a Page

In some instances you may want to duplicate a page with a similar layout to one you have already created. The Clone feature allows you to duplicate a page and change it as needed.

  1. Select the Clone tab
  2. Replace the Title
  3. Make edits, replace or add sections
  4. Select Save as Draft or Published
  5. Select the Save button

Unpublishing a Page

It is no longer possible to "Unpublish" content from the list of content on the Content page. You now unpublish directly on the specific page itself.

How to Unpublish Content

  • Go to the page you want to unpublish and select Edit
  • If a published page is in Draft state, you will need to publish the page first to be able to Unpublish
  • In the Change to dropdown menu at the bottom of the page, select Unpublished
  • Save