In the KU CMS - Sunflower there is no content type or section for tabs, however tabs are available as a section in Body 1 - General Content via Tabs - Body 1. Body 1 - General Content with Tabs - Body 1 is available on all Cloneable Templates and Content Types.

How To's

See the documentation in Sections for detailed instructions by section.


  • ARIA accessibility has been built into tabs in the KU CMS - Sunflower

Guidelines and Best Practices

  • Tabs are a way to present related information on a page in a compact way.
  • The number of tabs and the length of the tab names should not exceed the horizontal space.
  • Logically chunk the content behind the tabs so users can easily predict what they'll find when they select a given tab.
  • Use tabs only when users don't need to see content from multiple tabs simultaneously.
  • If people do need to compare the info behind different tabs, then having to switch back and forth puts an added burden on their short-term memory, and lowers usability compared to a design that puts everything on one big page.
  • Use tabs to alternate between views within the same context, not to navigate to different areas.
  • Write short, concise tab labels that indicate what is contained in the tab.