Step Four: Mapping Your Site

Step Four: Mapping Your Site

Creating Your Site Migration Site Map

The best way to understand your current site is to first create a comprehensive picture of the site organization and all pages – often referred to as a sitemap. You can then share that snapshot of your site with the members of your team and establish the workflow for site review, analysis and content revision.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to produce a meaningful sitemap or comprehensive list of pages on your current website. Our best recommendation at this time is complete the process manually using a spreadsheet.

KU CMS Site Migration Spreadsheet

Here is a starter spreadsheet you can modify to fit your specific needs: KU CMS Site Creation/Migration spreadsheet (.xlsx).

The KU CMS Site Creation/Migration spreadsheet provides the following basic columns on the first tab titled "Site Map Template.":

  • Level 1-5/Page Title
  • URL
  • Reviewer
  • Notes
  • Updates completed on

Please adapt the spreadsheet to meet your specific needs. For example, you may want to add the following columns to record:

  • Total number of page visits per Google Analytics
  • Actions that need to be taken
  • Status of page
  • Person assigned to copyedit each page
  • Date of the initial review
  • Etc.

Example Site Map

The KU CMS Site Creation/Migration spreadsheet contains a second tab called Example Site Map tab with example of an intial sitemap.

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