List Sections Overview

The KU CMS - Sunflower pages are built using Sections. Think of a section like a layer of a cake.  The layers or sections stack on top of each other to build the page.

List Sections

  • List 1 - Link List
    • This section is used to create a concise list of links with a headline.
  • List 2 - Item List w/Button
    • This section could be used to create lists of contacts or other lists. It includes a headline, short text, optional contact fields and an optional button.
  • List 3 - Two Column List
    • This section has two columns of lists with a headline, links and short text. An optional headline is available on the second column.
  • List 4 - Image w/List
    • This section has a headline, short text, an image, a list headline and a link list. Choose left or right alignment.
  • List 5 - Associated Link List
    • This section has a headline and a list of associated links.
  • List 6 - Alternating Image & Text List
    • This section has a list of alternating sets of images with headlines, short text and optionally up to three links. Choose an alternating background color.
  • List 7 - Thumbnail List
    • This section has a list of thumbnail cards with a headline, thumbnail image, card headline, card text and an optional link.
  • List 8 - Image w/Two Lists
    • This section has a large image with a headline, and short text that are notched into the photo and two lists of links with list headlines.